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Services - Electrical

Energy Solutions - Project Management

ENAD has successfully completed multiple electrical projects for our military, governmental and commercial clients, including work under the Department of Defense and Department of Energy contracts leading to the future of energy solutions with advanced technologies that protectand control the distribution of electrical energy throughout a facility's infrastructure.

ENAD offers engineering, procurement and construction options to meet energy mandates, energy reduction goals, and energy security. ENAD has experience resolving the most challenging technology needs in order to meet mandates while working within financial restrictions. Our team identifies incentives to help provide funding and ensure a return on client investments on capital expenditures.

Past projects include the following:

Energy by Native American Design Corp.
Native American Owned and Operated

Corporate Office (Indiana)
329 West College St.
Ladoga, Indiana, 47954

Parker Office
1317 South Joshua, Suite D
Parker, AZ 85344

Oklahoma Office
330 W. Grey Street, Suite 219
Norman,OK 73069


Electrical Distribution Solutions

No business can exist or prosper without a reliable, regular and efficient electrical distribution system, especially with the increasing demands of modern technology, regulations and constant spiralling of energy costs.

ENAD can deliver tailered solutions to the electrical distribution and control needs of business, large or small. Enad can provide skilled and experienced infrored technicians, that can eveluate facility heating and cooling losses, water infiltration / damage, and electrical connection issues by utilization of high tech IR cameras and software reporting. Reports can be supplied to facility engineering staff for review and project planning.

Past projects include the following

Energy Generation

ENAD and our partner HATCH have years of experience installing, maintaining and testing standby and backup generators for facility operations. Hatch has engineered and installed generator systems throughout the world and ENAD has installed generator systems for the BIA, BIE and DOJ.

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