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Services - Procurement & Supply

Transmission Hardware Restock

Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and Southwestern Power Administration (SWPA, along with other Federal agencies often request line hardware items that are required for specific projects. ENAD's procurement team procures these requests for Federal agencies like DOE.

ENAD then administers the procurement through its vendors (and Partners) and delivers to sites as requested by the customer.

Past projects include:

Shipping Containers

The unassuming shipping container. It's really nothing more than a big steel box with a couple of doors. At any given time, millions of containers are piled on ships plying the world's waterways. Battered by weather and waves, they are packed with just about anything you can imagine — exotic fruits and vegetables, cheap clothing and electronics, parts for cars and trucks.

Containers are used now for more than just shipping. They're transformed in many parts of the world into makeshift schools, restaurants, clinics and prisons. Shipping containers can now be transferred into 0ffices, animal shelters, and even high end modular homes.

ENAD has been contracted to supply and deliver shipping containers to numerous locations throughout the US for Federal agencies including the NPS, Bureau of Indian Affairs and BIA.

Past projects have included:

Energy by Native American Design Corp.
Native American Owned and Operated

Corporate Office (Indiana)
329 West College St.
Ladoga, Indiana, 47954

Parker Office
1317 South Joshua, Suite D
Parker, AZ 85344

Oklahoma Office
330 W. Grey Street, Suite 219
Norman,OK 73069


Generators, Transformers and Breakers

Lack of Maintenance on your electrical equipment can lead to catastrophic failures and unplanned outages. ENAD works closely with our customers to add value, reduce spending and help make the most efficient choice for projects. Our Innovative procurement solutions save time and budgets when it’s needed most. ENAD's experience also helps our customers plan maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance:

Routine Maintenance:

Furniture & Outdoor Equipment

As a primary BIE customer ENAD has been has procured everything from park benches, picnic tables, and recreational  furniture found in parks to outdoor equipment and furniture for schools, and  office buildings. We have partnered with several industry leaders to provide these products efficiently and effectively as our client seek our assistance.

These partners include:

Custom Educational Furniture (CEF) - located near Hickory, NC CEF has been hand assembling furniture for over 40 years. Currently, their product line includes classroom furniture, charging & AV carts, computer tables, and lecterns; each thoughtfully designed with both teacher and student in mind.

Past projects include:

Delivery of Dead Tank Circuit Breakers to Olinda Substation

Custom Educational Furniture (CEF)
Imagination Island

Delivery of three (3) 60Hz, 150 Kw diesel Gen-sets at Nenahnezad Community School, NM

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