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Renewable Energy

US Air Force Academy, CO

As part of a major renovations project at Vandenberg Hall,a 40-year-old, 6-story dormitory at the US Air Force Academy, ENAD installed a roof-top solar panel system that is expected to provide 325,000 kWH of power for the building. In order to promote energy efficiency, 54,000-sf of roofing membrane was replaced on the east tower with a Building Integrated Photovoltaic energy-producing roof using 136 thin-film photovoltaic laminate panels.

Solar Array Camp Perry, Port Clinton, OH

Under contract to the Ohio National Guard, eNAD designed and constructed a 225-kW, ground-mounted solar array to tie into an adjacent solar array. Together, both solar array fields occupy 4 acres and produce a combined 538-kW of power. The scope of work involved installation of 1,122 solar panels measuring approximately 6 ft by 3 ft, and weighing roughly 70 pounds each.

Energy Management & Construction Services

Energy Conservation System Defense Dist Depot, Red River, TX

ENAD replaced the roof-top ventilation and lighting system at Building 499, the Defense Distribution Depot, with a high efficiency cooling and lighting system that conserves energy and promotes a more comfortable work environment. The existing ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) membrane on the roof of the 750,000-sf building was coated with a new highly reflective, electrometric/acrylic coating.

Design-Build Repair Basewide EMCS Grand Forks AFB, ND

ENAD designed and constructed the upgrade and expansion of the existing Energy Management and Control System (EMCS) on Base to a Honeywell Enterprise Building Integration (EBI)/Energy Management System with new graphics. The improvements were needed to enable the gas and electric meters on Base to communicate with the EMCS and to replace outdated graphics and controls.


North Substation Replacement, Dover Air Force Base, DE

Working at the North Substation, ENAD replaced the transformer, concrete transformer pad and circuit breaker. The new transformer is rated at 15MVA at 65 degrees with an overall minimum rating of 12/20/25MVA. The new transformer has a load-tap changing capability that eliminates the need for the three single-phase voltage regulators used previously. A new 1,200 ampere main breaker was also provided on the output of the transformer and a grounding system for the transformer and circuit breakers was installed.

Substation and Electrical Power Upgrade for Level III Hospital, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

As part of a multi-faceted project, ENAD constructed and installed a substation and 11kV loop installations to serve a local hospital. The project included installation of new unitized distribution substation (UDS-15); connected UDS-15 to existing 11kV distribution loop; design and construction of an 11kV loop installation between existing UDS-2 and UDS-11; installed additional underground 11kV power cabling to form continuous loop feedback to UDS-15; and designed and construction of electrical distribution system modifications for existing UDS-17 and UDS-18 with new connection via underground 11kV power cabling.

Automated Meter Reading Systems (AMRS) Utility Mngt Control System (UMCS)

Upgrade and Install Electrical Meters at Select Facilities BasewideX

New electric meters, current transformers, radio transceivers, radio repeaters, and servers were installed at various locations at seven separate Air Force installations. The new meters are compatible with the upgraded EMCS system at each Base and include energy management software to communicate and interface with other third-party energy management software platforms. ENAD provided a secure wireless infrastructure solution for each base and completed a radio path survey for each installation to receive wireless infrastructure. As a result of the project, each Base became compliant with EPACT 2005 and with the facility electric meter guide specifications. Electric meters were provided with wireless radio transceivers which transmit the meter data and provide it to the remote operation control centers where the servers are housed. All programming, including graphical front-end, archival and report generating software, and any additional licensing necessary to allow integration with up to two additional existing/new controllers, was provided.

Installation of Gas Meter with AMR Laughlin AFB, TX

At Laughlin AFB, ENAD performed the technical evaluation, design, procurement, and installation of 29 new gas meters in 22 buildings and the replacement of one existing turbo meter at the Base primary gas feed. Pulse kits were installed on each meter. The project was needed to bring Laughlin AFB into compliance with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPACT) 2005 and Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) natural gas metering requirements. The main gas feed turbo meter near the West Gate was also replaced.

Electrical Power Distribution

Repair of Electrical Distribution System, Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN

ENAD renovated the airfield lighting and control systems for the 14,000-ft runaway at Grissom ARB. Crews designed the airfield lighting, installed new ducts under the runaway, repaired/replaced edge and overrun lights, constructed a 4,000-sf electrical building and access road, and installed/integrated new control components. The scope of work included horizontal boring and rigid conduit and concrete ductbank installation.

Electrical Upgrades and Renovations Afghanistan National Army Hospital (ANA) Kabul, Afghanistan

ENAD provided the planning, design, and construction of electrical upgrades at the ANA Hospital. The work included the assessment of an existing electrical study and the planning, design, and construction of electrical upgrades including prime power generators and an overhead line from the substation. The project work provided power to five buildings from the Kabul North Substation.

Installation of Ductbank Runway 14/32, Dover Air Force Base, DE

A 12,900-ft runway at Dover AFB was reconstructed by LTC, along with the design and installation of new lighting and signage systems. Under this project, ENAD installed runway edge lights, taxiway edge lights, threshold lights, and guidance and runway distance of remaining signs. Electrical work included demolition of the electrical systems in conjunction with the pavement demolition; removal of existing light fixtures and bases, handhole/manholes, and signs and bases; installation of ductbank, manholes and vaults, cable, and lights; runway and taxiway lights; and signs. In addition, all circuits in the vault were removed and replaced. In all, 111 miles of electrical wire was installed.

Communications, Fiber Optics & Data Lines

Design/Build Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection System Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC), IN

ENAD designed and constructed security upgrades at MUTC consisting of four new entry control points (ECPs), a security office, and a video surveillance system using 42 cameras and fiber optic cabling. The communication systems connect each ECP and the physical barriers and gates at each ECP with the security office. A single-story, 1,000-sf security building was also constructed at the site with a monitoring area for surveillance video equipment. Surveillance cameras are network and fiber-optic compatible so data can be quickly and easily distributed throughout the campus.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Child Development and Youth Activity Centers Fort Bliss and Fort Sam Houston, TX

ENAD designed and constructed three new child development centers at Fort Bliss and a youth activity center at Fort Sam Houston. Each Center serves between 60 and 90 school-age children. All of the Centers were designed and constructed as Sustainable Design and Development projects, and adhered to all SPiRiT-mandated construction practices, requirements and calculations. The Centers were also designed and constructed to attain a USGBC LEED rating of Silver, which promotes energy efficiency. In addition to energy-efficient lighting, the Centers also have communications conduit for future video monitoring security system/cctv cameras and energy management control systems with temperature and humidity sensors

Repair Approach Lighting System, Runway 24R Andersen AFB, Guam

At Andersen AFB, ENAD installed 20 tower assemblies to comprise a new runway approach light system. As per UFC regulations, the light stations were installed 100 feet apart, with the first station located 100 feet from the end of the runway. Approximately 2,000 linear feet of underground concrete duct bank with conduit and wire were installed for the 20 tower locations. New concrete foundations and electrical hand holes were installed for each light tower. Electrical work included installation of new 5kV wire and transformers for the five approach lights on each tower.


  • W912HP-18-R-5002 ST Stephan’s SCADA Hydro Upgrade
  • H7-7846 Atlas Polar Dt 8300 Rake Upgrade
  • Oxford FCI Emergency Service
  • A17PS00457  ELECTRICAL LINE Hardware 5 yr. BPA
  • HH_1827 Viasat Satellite Communication Network for AMRS Metering
  • 15B41819DUP140233 FCI Terre Haute IDIQ for Annual Inspection
  • 140A1619P0606 SIPI Back Up Generation


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